USA Powerlifting New Rule Update

As of January 1, 2019, USA Powerlifting has a couple of new rules that have to do with the type of clothes you may, may not, or must wear when competing at a USA Powerlifting meet:

  • Lifters now have the option of wearing boxer briefs with legs. Bike/compression shorts are still not allowed to be worn during weigh-in or on the platform.
  • A t-shirt must be worn for all lifts, including the deadlift, by both male and female competitors.

Please become familiar with these simple changes to the rules. USA Powerlifting New Hampshire will be following the new rules at our first meet of the year, the Granite State Grand Prix III, on Sunday, January 27.

Good Time had by all at 2018 USA Powerlifting Phoenix Task Force Powerlifting Festival

The 2018 USA Powerlifting Phoenix Task Force Powerlifting Festival held this past September in Dover began on a high note with Master of Ceremonies (and Phoenix Task Force member) Kelly Smith proudly and powerfully singing our country’s National Anthem. Kelly’s impressive knowledge of USA Powerlifting rules coupled with his positive energy set the tone for a dynamic meet. Everyone had a great time!
While it wasn’t our largest meet, it definitely was a fun and exciting one. We got to see 10-year-old, 57Kg Phoenix Task Force lifter Addie Sylvester go 9-for-9 in her first powerlifting meet, then watch USA World Team member M3 lifter Denise Thomas win the 63KG weight class in the Open Division, and Masters Division, resulting in her being awarded best female lifter by Wilks.
Twenty-seven year old, 83Kg competitor Alex Schwartz was a force on the platform, and won the Male Best Lifter award with a 595Kg lifting total. Both Denise and Alex received gift bags courtesy of GNC.
Phoenix Task Force lifter Esteban Rubens came in first place in the Men’s Masters Division with a winning Wilks of 363.102, followed by Christopher Engebretson who was a close second with a Wilks score of 362.718.
A very special thank you to all of the lifters, volunteers and the spectators who came out to support this event. Katherine Berger, you are a miracle worker. Thank you for all that you do for USA Powerlifting New Hampshire. Thank you also Steven Milioto-Crowe, Stephen and Jaime Staples for being our spotters and loaders. You were all so professional and did such a great job. You guys are the best.
Thank you also to Royce Claflin and Sara Zela for once again opening up your fitness center and extending your wonderful New England hospitality to everyone who walked through your doors. Your team is a big part of USA Powerlifting New Hampshire. Thank you for your positive influence on our community.
And finally, thank you to Michael Zawilinski for driving all the way from Rhode Island during the early hours of the morning to make it to New Hampshire on time to setup and run our meet.

2017 USA Powerlifting New Hampshire Year-in-Review

USAPL NH logo for 2018 NEW with registered mark

USA Powerlifting New Hampshire closed 2017 on an optimistically high note. Our membership has increased from 37 members in January 2016 to 185 members in December 2017. We also grew our state referee pool from three to seven, and are very fortunate to have two of the very best national referees in the country. A third national referee is projected for 2018.

2017 brought three USAPL meets to New Hampshire. The first was the state championship at ConVal High School in Peterborough in April, followed by the Phoenix Task Force Powerlifting Festival in Dover in September, then the Iron Empire Fall Classic also in Dover, in November.

A very special thank you to ConVal Athletic Director Mark Swasey, Phoenix Fitness owners Royce Claflin and Sara Zela, and Iron Empire owner John Rudolph for your generous hospitality in inviting USAPL New Hampshire into each of your facilities this past year. You have been instrumental in helping USAPL New Hampshire thrive and grow. As a result, the USAPL New Hampshire lifters are excelling. Each meet in 2017 had an average of 55 lifters. Many lifters set new state records or broke existing ones at our local meets.

It was great to see 12 New Hampshire lifters competing at Raw Nationals in Scranton, PA in October, with four of them placing in one of the top five spots for their divisions and weight classes. Congratulations to Denise Thomas who won first place in the Women’s 63Kg Raw Master 3 Division, Chris Colbert who won third place in the Women’s 84+ Kg Raw Master M1 Division, Eric LaPointe who won third in the Men’s 74Kg Open Division and Nicholas Guidice who won fourth place in the Men’s 105Kg Open Division. Both Eric and Nicholas did so well that they were nominated to compete at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival in March. In other National Meet news, we had Ivan Carrier win the gold in the 2017 American Open in California and National Referee Erika Myers win fourth place at the 35th Annual Open National Championship in Florida. And finally, congratulations to Cindy Tilton who won silver in the 84+ M1 Master Raw Division at the International Powerlifting Federation World Bench Championship in April in Killeen, TX.

There’s a lot more strength and excitement to look forward to in 2018. In less than three weeks, we have the USAPL Arkitect Open in Concord on January 27, and the USA Powerlifting New Hampshire State Championship in Peterborough on Saturday, April 28. There are also a couple of other meets tentatively scheduled for Dover and Nashua. For details on any of the above, contact USAPL New Hampshire State Chair Lizz Smullen at

Planning Ahead for Your Equipment Check and Weigh-in

With the 2018 Arkitect Open just a couple of weeks away away, we know that you are ready to lift some big weights, but are you prepared for the mandatory equipment check and weigh-in scheduled before you lift?

Before you can step out on the platform, your body weight and equipment must be checked by a USAPL referee.

The following is useful information that will help you successfully prepare for a USAPL equipment check and weigh-in.

What to Expect at a USA Powerlifting Weigh-in

USA Powerlifting uses lot numbers to determine the order in which lifters are weighed-in before the meet. If you miss your lot number when it is called, your name goes to the end of the roster and you will not be weighed in until the last lifter in your flight is weighed.

Before you weigh-in, the referee will ask to see your USAPL Membership card and Photo ID. When weighing in, you have the option to weigh-in in your undergarments or in the nude.

Have Your Rack Heights and Opening Attempts in Kilos Ready Before Weigh-in

Once you are weigh-in, the referee will ask for your squat and bench press rack heights and your opening attempts in kilos for the squat, bench press and deadlift. You must have this information with you when you weigh-in.

Arriving a few minutes early before your actual weigh-in time is the best way to ensure you get your rack heights. If this is your first meet and you need help with getting your rack height, a meet staff member will help you.

About Equipment Checks

During equipment check, the referee will ask to see the type of gear that you will be wearing on the platform.

Raw Lifters

If you are lifting raw, the referee will want to see the following:

o   Non-supportive singlet (mandatory)

o   Round collared t-shirt with short sleeves and no pockets. (mandatory; tank tops and v necks are t-shirts are not permitted.)

o   High socks for deadlifting (mandatory)

o   Sneakers or powerlifting shoes (mandatory)

o   Undergarments (mandatory; may be checked or confirmed by the referee). Briefs and athletic supporter cannot have legs of any kind.

Equipped Lifters

If you are lifting equipped, the referee will want to see the following:

o   Squat suit (mandatory)

o   Deadlift suit (mandatory)

o   Bench shirt (mandatory)

o   Round collared t-shirt with short sleeves and no pockets. (mandatory; tank tops and v necks are not permitted.)

o   Knee wraps (optional)

o   High socks for deadlifting (mandatory)

o   Sneakers or powerlifting shoes (mandatory)

o   Undergarments (mandatory; may be checked or confirmed by the referee). Briefs and athletic supporters cannot have legs of any kind.

Optional Gear for Raw and Equipped Lifters

The following optional gear may be worn by raw and equipped lifters during the meet. These items must also be shown to the referee at the equipment check:

o   Wrist wraps (optional)

o   Single ply neoprene knee sleeves (optional)

o   Lifting belt (optional)

Interested in hosting a USA Powerlifting New Hampshire Event in your area?

Since our rebirth in 2016, USA Powerlifting New Hampshire has held one coaching seminar, and four meets, with one more scheduled before the end of 2017 and two already scheduled for 2018. Finding venues to host a powerlifting meet in New Hampshire can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

So far, we have held meets in the beautiful Monadnock Region and the Dover Seacoast . We still have a beautiful Lakes Region that hasn’t had a meet. Nashua would be a great location, as would Manchester.

If you know of a venue that would be interested in hosting a USA Powerlifting New Hampshire meet, contact USAPL New Hampshire State Chair Lizz Smullen at, or co-State Chair Cindy Tilton at