USA Powerlifting Transgender Policy Discussion Available on YouTube

A discussion on the USAPL Transgender Policy took place at the 2019 USA Powerlifting National Governing Body (NGB) in early May, 2019. Dr. Kris Hunt provided science-based facts and powerlifting-specific data regarding the issue. The policy change proposal was read by Ms. Rebecca Fox, who also spoke in defense of it. At the end of the presentation, both answered questions from the audience.

USA Powerlifting New Hampshire Champions Compete at 2019 IPF World Bench Press Competition

Congratulations to Kathryn CordeiroNicholas Guidice and Cindy Tilton for the exceptional way they represented the United States of America at the 2019 International Powerlifting Federation’s World Bench Press Championships over the past several days in Tokyo, Japan. Kathryn won second place in the Womens M2 47 kg Women’s Division, earning her first IPF silver medal with a 62.5 kg (137 lb) bench press on her third attempt. Nicholas won fourth place in the Men’s 120 kg Open Division with a highly impressive 240 kg (529 lb) bench press on his third attempt. Cindy won her second silver medal in the Women’s M2 84+ kg Division with a strong 125 kg (275 lb) bench press. Cindy is now the proud recipient of one IPF gold medal and two IPF silver medals.

Monadnock Summer Slam Venue — Local Restaurants

ConVal is located on Concord Street (Route 202) in Peterborough, New Hampshire. It is minutes away from to Route 101, Route 123, Route 136 and Route 137.

There are an assortment of restaurants in Peterborough. The ones listed below are all less than ten minutes away from the venue.

They are:

  • Bantam Grill, Monadnock Community Plaza
  • Brady’s American Grill, Route 202 North (closest restaurant to the venue)
  • Cooper’s Hill Public House (Irish pub & Whiskey bar)
  • Dunkin Donuts, Brady’s Plaza, Route 202 North (next door to Brady’s above, about one mile from the venue).
  • Harlow’s Pub & Restaurant, 3 School Street.
  • Mi Jalesco, Peterborough Plaza, Wilton Rd (Job Lots Plaza on Route 101)
  • Pearl Restaurant & Oyster Bar, Monadnock Community Plaza
  • Subway, Peterborough Plaza, Wilton Rd (Job Lots Plaza on Route 101).
  • Waterhouse Restaurant, 18 Depot Street
  • Yen-Yen Chinese Restaurant, Monadnock Community Plaza

Monadnock SummerSlam Venue — Local Inns

Inns Near the Venue

Contoocook Valley High School (ConVal) is located on Route 202 (Concord Street) in Peterborough, New Hampshire. It is close to Route 101, Route 123, Route 136 and Route 137. It is surrounded by Crotched Mountain, Mount Monadnock, Pack Monadnock, and Temple Mountain.

The closest Inn to the venue is the Jack Daniels Inn. It is also located on Route 202. This inn fills up fast, so if you’re interested in staying here, you should probably book sooner rather than later. The current average room rate is $120. The website is

The Hancock Inn is on Route 137 in Hancock. It is the second closest inn to the venue (under 10 miles). It includes a restaurant and bar. The current room rates are between $94 – $249. The website is

The Monadnock Inn is on Mountain Road (Route 124) in Jaffrey. It is about 25 minutes away from the venue. It includes a restaurant and bar. Mount Monadnock is about a mile away from this inn. The current room rate averages $115. The website is

USA Powerlifting New Rule Update

As of January 1, 2019, USA Powerlifting has a couple of new rules that have to do with the type of clothes you may, may not, or must wear when competing at a USA Powerlifting meet:

  • Lifters now have the option of wearing boxer briefs with legs. Bike/compression shorts are still not allowed to be worn during weigh-in or on the platform.
  • A t-shirt must be worn for all lifts, including the deadlift, by both male and female competitors.

Please become familiar with these simple changes to the rules. USA Powerlifting New Hampshire will be following the new rules at our first meet of the year, the Granite State Grand Prix III, on Sunday, January 27.