USA Powerlifting New Hampshire Membership Triples since 2016

USAPL New Hampshire Lifters
USA Powerlifting New Hampshire

PETERBOROUGH, NH — In 2016, after almost two decades, USA Powerlifting celebrated its return to the New Hampshire by holding the Granite State Open in Peterborough. Over 60 lifters from throughout New England participated in this historical event, resulting in USAPL New Hampshire “strong as granite” in the world of drug-free powerlifting.

Since then, USA Powerlifting New Hampshire membership has tripled in size. Prior to 2016, there were less than 30 USAPL lifters in the Granite State. By the end of 2016, we had 112 members. Over 50 percent of the new members were female.

Just as exciting is the fact that many of our new members are now USAPL New Hampshire record holders. With others having broken American records, competed at National competitions, and had the privilege to represent the United States of America as a member of our National Team at one of the International Powerlifting Federation events held around the world, throughout the year.

USA Powerlifting is truly a cut above other powerlifting organizations. Think about it. What other powerlifting federation is there in USA where you can train hard in your local gym one day, and before you know it find yourself walking across a world platform another day?




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