Lifter Information for the 2019 USA Powerlifting New Hampshire & Vermont State Championships

All lifters competing in the USA Powerlifting New Hampshire & Vermont State Championships, at ConVal High School located on 184 Hancock Road in Peterborough, NH should have received an email on Saturday, April 13 that includes the start times of weigh-ins and the competition. For your convenience, it is also copied below.

Hello Lifters,

We’re one week away from the 2019 USA Powerlifting New Hampshire and Vermont State Championships. I hope that each of you have had a great training cycle and are looking forward to the meet.

If you’d like to view the final lifting roster with lot numbers, go to LIftingCast.com and select the 2019 USA Powerlifting New Hampshire & Vermont State Championships.

Once you arrive at the venue, there are a few lifter stations that you must visit before you lift. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Sign-in at the Registration Table. You will have to show your 2019 USA Powerlifting membership card and a state driver’s license or other form of photo ID to the volunteer at the Registration Table in order to proceed to the next lifter station. This table will be open at 6:30 am.
  • Go get your rack heights. You will need to know your rack heights for the squat and rack heights for the bench press. Session 1 lifters can go directly to the platform to get their rack heights. Session 2 lifters will be able to get their rack heights once the Session 1 deadlifts start. If you need help getting your rack heights, please let a referee know and we will help you.
  • Go to the Weigh-in Station.
  • Session 1 lifters must be at the weigh-in station by 7 am. — Session 1 lifting starts at 9 am
  • Session 2 lifters must be at the weigh-in station by 11:30 am. — Session 2 lifting starts at 1:30 pm

USA Powerlifting uses lot numbers to determine the order of weigh-ins. If your lot number is called and you are not there to be weighed-in, you will go to the end of the line for your session before having the opportunity to be weighed-in again.

*Youth and Teen lifters under 17 must have a parent or guardian present with them during their weigh-in.

  • Go to the T-shirt table and pick up your T-shirt gift bag and your GNC gift bag. You can do this before or after you lift.